Will at home

Will won’t be 5 until December, which means he’s too young to start kindergarten this year. We considered preschool, but decided not to put him in one for a variety of reasons. (My sanity being a big one. All the drop off/pick up nap-ruining shenanigans of last year are not something I’d particularly like to repeat.) I’ll be working with him at home on preschool type stuff. He is all for this arrangement, although there’s a vast difference in what he wants to learn and what I think we ought to work on. For instance, I suggested letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and writing his name. He countered with learning about space and dinosaurs. And really, I’m not against learning about those things! It’s just, those aren’t exactly on the “kindergarten readiness” list. So! We’ll see what all gets learned this year.

Some other Will tidbits for you:

He TOTALLY regressed with the finger sucking after the Tide Pod incident. It was like he thought we couldn’t see him doing it, since HE couldn’t see anything. The habit was such a process to break, so I’m super NOT excited to do it all again. Right now we’re trying out having him wear a finger splint to remind him not to suck. Works great! Except then he takes it off. *sad trombone* (Also, this is happening right as Lydia is finding and sucking on her fingers and thumb and it’s made me VERY insistent on her taking a pacifier instead of letting her suck on her fingers. Because I already don’t want to deal with this with Will, let alone again in 4 years with Lydia. And I’m sure getting rid of a pacifier is no fun either, but I’m not currently living that hell.)

Speaking of the Tide Pod incident, he definitely learned his lesson. Yesterday I was doing some laundry and he wanted to help, so I offered to let him put a Tide Pod in the washer. I might as well have told him to stick his hand into a bucket of venomous spiders the way he backed up. He helped pour in liquid detergent instead.

This kid makes me laugh all the time. Here are some of our recent conversations:

Yesterday immediately after we put her on the bus he said, “I miss Kalena.” (We hadn’t even walked all the way back to the house yet. And you can see the bus stop from our front porch.)


Today I was eating popcorn and I got up to do something and when I sat back down I got out my phone to check my e-mail.

Will: Don’t forget your popcorn, mama!

Me: Okay bud, I won’t.

Will: (pause) It’s right beside you.

You know, in case I forgot.


A while back we had a tooth fairy fail. Kalena lost a tooth and we did not put any money under her pillow. (WHOOPS.) So the next morning I grabbed a couple quarters and gave it to her and told her that the tooth fairy put it in my room by accident. Then later that day she and Will were speculating why the tooth fairy might have done such a thing.

Kalena: Maybe I should put a sign on my door. Maybe the tooth fairy didn’t know what room the tooth was in and that’s why she put it in the wrong room!

Will: Or probably it’s because tooth fairies aren’t real!

(Kalena assured him that YES THEY ARE.)


He finally gets himself dressed these days, but is INSISTENT on wearing his clothes backward. He puts on his pants backward “so he can have pockets” he tells us. (The front pockets aren’t good enough I guess.) But who knows why he puts his shirts on backward. It’s definitely intentional. They’re backward 90% of the time.


He still loves dinosaurs, crocodiles, and reptiles of all kinds. He’s a huge lego fan (especially the Chima stuff.) He’s dirty most of the time.



He’s my guy 🙂

10 thoughts on “Will at home

  1. Eli’s underwear is always backwards, too.
    When thinking about homeschool “curriculum” you should run with whatever Will is really into, and build off that. Book of dinosaurs – find a red/green/blue dino in this book! What kind of reptiles start with the letter A? Let’s learn to spell “sun” and “moon” and check out books from the library about space! The worst thing you can do with any sort of home-school is squash their natural love of learning by forcing what they “should be” learning onto them. As Elsa might sing… “Let it flow! Let it flow! Don’t hold him back from dinosa-a-aurs!” Ahh, she is wise beyond her of-age years….

    • Excellent idea about the learning! So far we’ve been doing an “I choose one, he chooses one” when it comes to working on stuff. But he’d probably be more interested in it your way. How about you just move out here and do that for me, hmmmm?

  2. Too bad there’s not a bus system to send him to home preschool with Caroline and Addo! We’d take him in a heartbeat, and you could just watch him leave from your front porch. He’ll be back in May.

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