school tidbits

I know we’re not even a week into school over here, but I have Thoughts. So that’s what you get today, aren’t you EXCITED?!

  • Okay, deciding to bus Kalena has been the BEST EVER. I’m seriously so glad we did this. Not having to go anywhere is excellent. Plus it means only Kalena has to be ready to go anywhere by a certain time. I can see her bus stop from our front door, so usually Will and I just watch from the front porch until we see her get on the bus. I’d been walking down to the stop in the afternoons to make sure she got off at the right spot, but yesterday her bus was early and she got home about the time I was putting my shoes on. Whoops!
  • Kalena lost her only pair of tennis shoes. She wore them to school on the first day and when I asked her to find them yesterday (because it was a PE day) they were gone. Brian and I scoured the house last night looking for them and turned up NADA. They’re just gone. Poof. She needed new shoes anyway because those were getting too small, but I’m seriously annoyed that I had to go buy some because she LOST hers. And seriously, WHERE ARE THEY?! (This is going to bug me forever.)
  • I knew that I would miss Kalena’s help during the day with the babies. I had not realized how much I would miss having her here for Will to talk to. Because HOLY COW that kid never stops talking! All day long he talks at me! I’ve gotten into a bad habit of just responding “mmhmm” to everything. Or sometimes he ends with something like, “You say ‘yes’ mama” and then I do without even knowing what I’m saying yes to. It’s terrible and I know I should be listening better but OH MY GOSH JUST STOP TALKING FOR 2 SECONDS.
  • The school sent home a list of “approved” snack foods and it is so weird to me. First of all, they don’t care what kids bring in their lunches, but they have specified foods (including brand!) that are okayed for daily snack. And I guess this is because snacks are eaten in the classroom? So they’re trying to avoid allergy problems? (I assume there’s an allergy-safe table in the cafeteria or something.) Also, they’ve differentiated between “daily snack” food and “special occasion” food which I TOTALLY get except that the way they’re split up does not seem logical to me. For instance, some foods included in the “daily snack” section: Marshmallow mateys cereal. Handi-snack pudding. Cocoa Roos cereal. Jello cups. Capri Sun juices. Hot chocolate. And some foods that are considered “special occasion” foods: Clif Bar fruit ropes. Pretzels. Animal crackers. What is going on here?!
  • Kalena takes her lunch to school which is super easy for me since PB&J is all she ever wants to eat anyway. Now I don’t have to feel bad about it. Also, I don’t have to deal with daily arguments about whether we’ll be having PB&J or mac & cheese (Will’s favorite.)
  • As much as the schedule sucked, I’m glad last year was only half days. Kalena is CLEARLY exhausted by the end of the day. Not that it’s changed her wake up time at all.

There. Aren’t you glad you stuck around for all those deep thoughts?

9 thoughts on “school tidbits

  1. I’m so stoked that both my kids will be able to ride the bus too. I’ll walk B while the weather is nice but the second I’d need a coat? Bus, baby. Pacey’s bus even comes right to our door, which I love. Schools are so weird with their food requirements. I think you’re right on with the allergy concerns but the distinction between regular and
    “special” snack foods? Super weird. And I feel your pain times one hundred with the talking, talking, TALKING. Sometimes it feels like actual torture. I started getting books on CD for B at the library and having her listen on headphones just so I could get some peace.

  2. You have me reconsidering not putting Ezra on the bus come January (I have to drive him until we move into our house). I mean, it would fix a lot of problems and yeah. I might just do it.


    (Also, Will talking all the time makes me laugh.)

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