When I got pregnant with Lydia, I knew I didn’t want to find if we were having a boy or a girl until delivery. I liked finding out during the ultrasound with our other kids, but I wanted to wait this time. And it was a wonderful experience! The moment the doctor held her up and announced we had a girl was amazing. It was unlike any of my other deliveries.

I said, throughout the pregnancy, that I didn’t have a preference. We had a girl and we had boys and truly I would have been happy either way. But. I was so, SO thrilled to have another girl. I’ve hoped since Kalena was born that someday she’d have a sister. And now she does.



4 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. That is so perfect! I just love to hear “it’s a ….” right after labor. Better than Christmas morning! 😉 Yay for sisters and brothers.

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