NaBloPoMo 2014

Apparently I haven’t posted here since August? That seems insane, but that’s what my post dates tell me. Obviously the logical thing to do is to start NaBloPoMo, right? Haven’t posted in 2 full months (the longest I’ve ever gone without posting in almost SEVEN YEARS) so why not jump into an every day commitment? Actually, I think that’s just what I need. Stop thinking and start posting. (I have a post draft in my folder from September. So the *intent* is there. Just not so great with the follow through recently.)

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if I think it’ll be good for me or not, I’ve done NaBloPoMo every year since I started this blog and I’ve NEVER MISSED A DAY. I am darn well not going to screw up that streak this year. So! Look forward to some un-inspired, rambling, or possibly just bad posts. Because quantity over quality, right?! Oh wait. Theoretically I should have lots to talk about having not documented anything for the last 2 months. Shall we start with Halloween? LETS.

Or maybe not. I just updated my mac OS and now nothing likes me anymore. And obviously I can’t post about Halloween without posting some pictures. How about a funny Will story instead?

The other day I took the 3 kids to Target while Kalena was at school. Kalena and Will sit in the back row of the car together, and normally Kalena helps Will get buckled into his seat. Apparently I’m quite accustomed to this help, because as I started to pull out of the Target parking lot Will piped up from his seat and we had this conversation:

W: “Excuse me mom?”

Me: “Yeah bud?”

W: “I hate to tell you this, buuuut…I’m not buckled.”


Maybe you have to know Will in person for that to be amusing, but it is just SO HIM. Anyway, MORE TOMORROW!

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