Waaaaaaay back in September I had a birthday. We thought that was a pretty reasonable excuse to take the kids to Legoland, so we did! I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little bit (or a lot) encouraging of the kids’ Lego obsession. Yes, they’re sort of stupidly expensive, but they are SUCH great toys. There are some sets I want for myself. (Actually, on a related note, I finally got ahold of this set:

lego institute


photo from

Which theoretically is a Christmas gift for the kids, but mostly because *I* want it. (This is selling on Amazon for SIXTY SEVEN DOLLARS. I hate people who do that crap. I did NOT pay that.))

(On another related note, if you’re a Lego fan, the documentary Inside Lego on Netflix is worth watching)

ANYWAY. We went to Legoland! Here in KC it’s not a full-blown park, just what they call a “discovery center” but we had a lot of fun.



One of the unexpected joys of moving to Kansas for Kalena has been all the Wizard of Oz stuff. She LOVES that movie. Obviously Legoland had Wizard of Oz stuff.



Including all of Oz. That’s munchkin land on the left and the Emerald City on the right. I couldn’t get Dorothy’s house (which goes up and spins around when you press a button) or the Wicked Witch’s fortress in the shot.



Also, an excellent Star Wars exhibit.



And of course everyone had fun playing with the Legos.



Especially Daniel.



So woo! Happy birthday to me.

8 thoughts on “Legoland

  1. I’m surprised you like Legos since you’re so against kids toys messes. I’ll definitely have to check out that Netflix show- Jonathan loves Legos!

  2. The Type A in me has such a hard time with Legos. I want the sets kept separate! And all the pieces to go in the right places! Both Pacey and Brighton are getting super interested in them though so I know I have to let go of it. Legos at the table is a great rule…we tried keeping the tiny toys in the big kids’ rooms but that led to IMPROPER SORTING AND STORAGE. Ok, maybe I have a problem 🙂 Glad you did something fun for your birthday!

    • I SO WANT to keep the sets sorted but there’s no way. So I just try to focus on how long they keep the kids entertained! (And remember that if I really wanted, I could sort them in the future.)

  3. I just bought one of those big plastic drawer things to store the legos in – it has four drawers to separate the colors and then a large drawer at the bottom that S can put half-built things and things he’s not ready to take apart yet. He was taking over half the dining table with legos.

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