Sick of being sick

Y’all. The kids have been sick SO MANY TIMES this year. I don’t remember if I wrote about it, but everyone was MISERABLY sick when I had Lydia. (DAYS before and after.) And it seems like it just keeps coming around. We didn’t even get a break during the warm weather, when stomach bugs are less likely to be going around. The kids were sick the first weekend of summer and again less than 2 weeks into the school year. So when Kalena started complaining on Halloween that her tummy hurt, we HOPED it was just too much junk food, but I suspected it wasn’t. And by later that night it was clear that candy was definitely not the cause. After that, of course, my next hope was that nobody else would get it. But when Will turned white as a sheet this morning at the breakfast table I knew I wasn’t getting that wish either. Today has been all naps and Netflix and crackers and ginger ale. I’m REALLY hoping that tomorrow will be back to normal. And after everyone is better can we get a year-long exemption from illness or something? Because UGH. Enough.

6 thoughts on “Sick of being sick

  1. Gah. We’ve had a couple of years like that too. Puking bugs are the absolute worst, and especially because I ALWAYS get them too. Here’s hoping for some healthier days ahead.

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