Museum and stuff

Once again I got on expecting to finish my Halloween post, but STILL my iPhoto is not cooperating. (I have all my OTHER pictures, but the Halloween ones won’t show up.) So something else! Again!

When we first moved here, we heard about a new museum that was being built. We always made good use of our dinosaur museum membership in Grand Junction, so we thought this might be worth looking into. It’s not a dinosaur museum specifically but it does have lots of dinosaur stuff in the free area. It also has a hands-on kids area (definitely up our alley) and then an area with exhibits that change. Anyway, blah blah blah, membership, blab blah blah, we love it. The kids are especially big fans of the current exhibit: Mythic Creatures. Because mermaids and dragons and unicorns, oh my!







Fun stuff. Will thinks the exhibit isn’t *quite* as fun as the discovery zone where they’ll take out Miss Chloe the boa constrictor for you to pet (shudder) but I’m ready to go back again.

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