It is fun to watch your baby hit milestones. I remember watching Kalena learn things, and then when Will came along, comparing the two. Did they do things at the same time? Did they do the same things? There were things that felt like big differences and there were phases that were  the same. It was fun both times!

Then Daniel came along and everything was different. Watching him hit milestones was awesome, because we fought for every one. Every new skill came after therapy and practice. We had to watch all his efforts to make sure he wasn’t creating bad habits in terms of muscle use. We were always making sure he didn’t get lazy! And at 2 1/2 he’s doing really well! He still needs (and does) physical therapy, but gross motor is pretty close to caught up.

Now Lydia is here and WOW. I am continually amazed watching her learn to do things. She just…does them! No practice. No coaching. It blows my mind in a way it never did with Kalena and Will. Before Daniel it was easy to take for granted that kids hit milestones. Sure, every kid is different, every kid hits milestones at his own pace. But with Daniel expectations were so different, that seeing Lydia do all the normal things without trouble is sometimes astonishing. I’m so, SO glad we get to have this experience. It’s incredible.

2 thoughts on “Amazed

  1. We’re at the “kid makes well thought out discussion points regarding his favorite tv shows” milestone and it makes me laugh all the time (age 4). Also, he can be well reasoned as to why things aren’t fair (fresh to me because he just came in arguing for use my iPad, which his brother is currently playing)

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