I did an update on Lydia at 6 months, and then I kept meaning to write another update about her at 7 months, because there was lots to say, but instead I just didn’t blog at all. Whoops. So even though she’ll be 9 months on the 26th (NINE! That’s 3/4 of a year!) this is still her 7 months update.

By 7 months:

She was crawling. I tried to be in denial about the crawling for a long time. Like, she’d sort of squirm and army crawl and wiggle her way across a room and I’d be like, “That’s not *really* crawling.” But then just as I was saying that to Daniel’s PT one day she got up on hands and knees and did a four point crawl like it was nothing. So.

She had 2 teeth! Bottom two in the front, both came in at the same time. (So far no more.) Sadly, she uses those two little razor teeth to bite me FAR MORE OFTEN than I’d like. (Well, I’d like her to bite me never, but you know.)

She could get into sitting by herself. Before this I could put her down in a sitting position and she’d stay there until she fell over. But by 7 months she could go from crawling to sitting and back again.

She figured out the stairs! ACK! So far I’ve only seen her make it up one stair, but that’s likely because we keep the stairs gated off most of the time.

Sleep at 7 months was still crap (and spoiler! Still is crap.) Some nights she gets up once, other nights she gets up every hour. There seems to be no pattern at all. And the thing is, she goes down FINE, she just wakes up a lot. Sometimes she needs a pacifier, sometimes she wants to nurse, sometimes she’s pulled herself halfway to standing and can’t get back down. Which leads me to the next milestone:

She could pull herself to standing! This is kind of a hilariously obnoxious milestone because she can get UP but not DOWN. So she pulls up and then cries and cries until I help her down or she falls.

We started her on solids at 6 months and she LOVES them. (We’ve already moved on from purees. Now she basically eats what we eat.)

She is more adorable every day. I mean, look at her!


2 thoughts on “Lydia

  1. Wyatt is nearly 8mo and only army crawls! He’s so verbal but not very motor driven. And NO teeth yet! Lol but we are in the same situation with sleep. One night it’s great and he will go all night or even just wake once. The next night up every two hours. He’s trying to kill me.

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