Preschool for Daniel

I had a meeting not that long ago with Daniel’s early intervention coordinators about transitioning him to preschool. Daniel! My baby boy! In preschool! See, early intervention provides services for children ages 0 to 3 years. At age 3 and beyond, those services are the responsibility of the school district. Obviously there’s a gap between age 3 and when school starts, which is where school district preschool comes in. Here’s what I learned about the preschool Daniel will attend:

Preschool will be Monday through Thursday, 8:30 to 11:30. They run on the district calendar, so he’ll have the same holidays and early release days as Kalena.

Classes are half students who need services and half typical students, or “peer models.”

Not all the elementary buildings have preschool programs in them, but the one we’re zoned for DOES, so he’ll be in the same building as Kalena (and Will in the fall.)

He’ll start most likely in February, because it needs to happen before he turns 3. I had wondered how this would work, since that’s the middle of a school year, but apparently he’ll start then anyway!

He’ll ride the bus! (I find the idea of this completely adorable.) The bus will pick him up and drop him off right at our house, and they have car seats.

We’ll have another evaluation before he starts, there at the school. I believe we’ll write up his IEP at this point. Our current plan has a PT as his primary therapist, because he needed the most work on gross motor skills when we moved here, but that will probably change to speech when he starts preschool. (We could switch it now, but that’s a lot of paperwork when he’ll only be with early intervention for like 3 more months.) He definitely needs the most work on speech these days. He is GREAT at communicating. He signs, he points, he is very expressive, but he still only says a handful of words, and those are really only understandable to Brian and me. So! Lots of work on actual talking!

I’m really exciting about him starting preschool. He LOVES being around other kids (church nursery is basically his favorite) and he loves going places so I’m pretty sure riding the bus every day is going to be like a dream come true for him. I’m hopeful that preschool will help with rules because so far nothing we’ve done at home works. He just runs around terrorizing everything and laughs when we tell him no. It seems crazy that it’s happening so soon though! It still seems like he’s our baby.


See? Baby in a bucket. How can he be getting ready to start preschool?!

8 thoughts on “Preschool for Daniel

  1. That’s so crazy that it’s almost time for preschool! It sounds like he’ll love it, and how nice that there’s a bus and that it’s the same calendar as will and kalena’s school. I have friend who has a son with Ds who is in kindergarten, and she said that both for preschool and now kindergarden that peer models have been super important for her son’s motivation. Nice your preschool has that!

  2. I’m so jealous! Our preschool is 5 days a week for 3 hours, at a school where my other children aren’t zoned to so they can’t go (but the school we are zoned to doesn’t have PPCD), and he will be in a self contained special needs classroom with no exposure to typical peers or interaction with the rest of the school. Which is why I do not want him there. 😦 I would be on board if the school was like yours!

  3. Yay, I’m so happy you have a good placement for him. I got so, so lucky with Pacey’s preschool both in SoCal and here in MN. It’s such an advantage that he will be in his eventual elementary building starting now. All the staff will know and love him from Day One. Can’t wait to read about his experiences! Oh, and riding the bus is Pacey’s most favorite thing in the world. Hope Daniel loves it too.

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