Y’all. I think we broke the baby. You know how I said she went to bed fine, but was up a lot? Well scratch that. She has decided she wants to sleep NEVER.

This all started last weekend when everyone was sick. We moved her temporarily out of Kalena’s room and into our room to avoid them waking each other up. This was fine, ish. Lydia apparently doesn’t sleep in a pack-n-play, so she ended up in our bed. It would take her a while to GO to sleep, but then once she did it was like a normal night. This was the first few days, while Kalena was sick. Then Kalena got better and Lydia got sick. She was never pukey like the other kids, just fussy and running a high fever. So those nights she stayed in our room so I could keep a close eye on her. Sleep was not great, but obviously she was feverish and uncomfortable, so I didn’t think much about that. But. Since then? It’s been INSANE. She’ll go to bed at a normal time, around 7, and sleep for a couple hours, and then she thinks it’s party time. She just WON’T go back to sleep! For instance, last night: She went to bed around 7 (and actually, had a hard time falling asleep. Took her about an hour.) She woke up around 10:30 to nurse and just…stayed up. She went back to sleep sometime around 1, but was back up at 2. Awake from 2-4. Slept from 4 to 5. Thankfully the 5 am wake up was short, but then at 6:30 she was up for the day. WHAT IS THIS?! I mean, besides terrible. This kind of schedule has been going on for DAYS now, and we are EXHAUSTED. Even splitting up the time she’s awake only gives Brian and I each like 5 hours of sleep a night.

I have NO IDEA how to fix this. We can’t let her cry in her crib in the middle of the night because Kalena is in there. I’ve tried rocking, nursing, feeding her a bottle, just letting her stay up. Nothing is working and GAAAHH. We’re both going to go crazy from sleep deprivation. Actually, at this point I’m hoping for an ear infection or SOMETHING that we can FIX. Because seriously. I can’t do this much longer.

8 thoughts on “Zzzzzz

  1. Is there somewhere Kalina can sleep while you earnestly work on this? When H was having sleeping problems (he and S share a room and have since birth), we would put S to sleep on the futon in the office and then transfer after H fell asleep, and if he woke angry in the night we would carry sleeping S to the futon or couch to sleep while we dealt with the crying.

  2. How old is she now? There was a 4 month wakeful and an 8-9 month wakeful for us that was brutal. Preventing wake up was the key for us, which meant middle of the night dream feedings, white noise helped a TON, as well as the temperature being just perfect (if Cooper was too hot or too cold, he would wake up).

    • She’ll be 9 months this month! So that is probably it. White noise definitely helps, as well as temperature, but I’ve tried dream feedings and sadly, it didn’t seem to make a difference.

  3. GAHHHHHHH. Sleep stuff is so darn frustrating. If it is ANY consolation, Archer was my worst sleeper and now he sleeps like a champ (and has since 10 or 11 months). I so hope some relief is coming for you. Winter is hard enough without sleep deprivation too.

  4. Can you tell Kalena that if Lydia cries to just tell her it’s ok and go back to sleep? Addilyn and Avery share a room and Avery can cry and cry and Addilyn completely sleeps through it, but on the off chance she wakes up she says, “Avery, it’s ok. Go back to sleep.” And it totally calms Avery to know someone is with her. Isn’t it the same with Daniel and Will?

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