Sweet William

I wish you all could come and spend the day with Will, because he is just the CUTEST KID. He is charming and sweet and hilarious. His mannerisms make are just adorable. And we have the greatest conversations. I’m going to recap some here, but typing them out doesn’t do them justice. (Because seriously! So cute!)

The other day I got up to feed Lydia because she was crying, and although it was 4 am, when I came out in the hall I saw that Will’s light was on. I opened the door and before I could say anything he busts out with, “Um, actually it’s Lydia who is crying.” He assumed I thought someone in HIS room was crying. No kid, GO BACK TO BED.

This afternoon out of nowhere he said, “Remember when Buster Bear was lost? That was quite the adventure! He was up in the tree, then down in the lake, then upstairs in the box and then back with me!” Me: “Wait, did you say he was in a lake?” (We have found him in a tree and in a box in Kalena’s closet on occasions when he was lost. The lake thing threw me though.)

On Friday we surprised Will with getting to go see Walking With Dinosaurs Live. (Just he and Brian went. Kalena’s interest in dinosaurs has waned enough that it wouldn’t be worth the ticket.) Anyway, he was telling me about it today (again) and pipes up with, “Mom, when we went to the dinosaur show? We time traveled!” And I replied, “And there was a paleontologist like Nigel Marven, right?” And he got a very serious look on his face and said, “Mom. Nigel Marven is not a paleontologist.” This kid does NOT miss details.

He loves to pretend to be dinosaurs, particularly spinosaurus, and one day he told me, “I’m a spinosaurus waiting to ambush my prey!” *pause* “Mom, what does ambush mean?”

We’ve been working on letters (writing and recognition) in our little home preschool stuff and he had this epiphany after one session.

Will: “Mom! All the words are spelled with alphabet letters!”

Me: “That’s right, all words are spelled with letters.”

Will: “But nothing is spelled with the counting letters.”

Me: “Well, that’s because the ‘counting letters’ are actually NUMBERS.”


Often he will do something to make either Lydia or Daniel smile and then say, “Lydia really loves me” or “Daniel really loves me.” And, OH, my heart.

He is definitely getting to be a little kid, not a toddler (5 next month!) but he’s still not too big to fall asleep on the floor at church.



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