Poor 4th child

I’m sure we’ve all joked about how second children get the short end of the stick when it comes to memorabilia. Forget the fancy baby book. All the baby pictures are taken on a phone. Milestones come and go unrecorded. Well. I’ve tried SO HARD not to let that happen with my kids. And I’ve done pretty well, until Lydia.

Kalena, William, and Daniel each have a birth announcement stitchery that I started when I was pregnant with each of them. So far I haven’t even bought a kit to start one for Lydia. They all three have TONS of pictures of them as babies, taken on an actual camera. I go weeks without even knowing where my camera is these days. I blogged regularly when all three of them were babies, noting milestones and posting pictures. I’ve hardly blogged at all since Lydia was born. Even my thought a day journal, which I was loving at the beginning of the year is sitting unused on my dresser. I don’t know the last time I wrote in it. I have managed to keep up the same studio pictures schedule (1/3/6/9 months) but sending them out to family is another story. I wish I could say this was all because I’m just “enjoying her babyhood” instead of spending all my time documenting, but that’s not it. The truth is I feel like it’s FLYING by and because I’m not recording it I’m missing it. I’ve been trying harder lately, but ugh. I still feel like I’m failing.


7 thoughts on “Poor 4th child

  1. You have FOUR CHILDREN, lady!! You have to cut yourself some serious slack. Plus, I could totally pick Lydia out of a line up and, you know, I’m a total stranger so you must be doing ok 🙂 Lydia will get her Mama time when all three older ones are in school.

  2. You’re not failing. I have NOTHING for Avery. But you know what I’ve realized? Baby books are for the moms. I’ve never once thought, “I wonder when I got my first (or 5th) tooth? Slept through the night? What songs I loved most?” Pictures are good. But that other information is useless.

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