I tend to be bad with technology. And I don’t mean I don’t know how to use it, because I do, mostly. What I mean is, technology that I own tends to break. Just because I own it. I recognize that this makes no logical sense, but it’s true. So it should have been no surprise to me when I broke my external hard drive. This was actually a result of my dropping it, not *just* owning it (although, probably just a matter of time.) Anyway. I dropped it. This has actually happened before with no ill effects, so I was a little surprised when this time after I dropped it I plugged it in and it did nothing. Nada. Didn’t even show up as plugged in. As you might be able to guess, this is BAD. But I did my usual technology fixing thing which is: hand it over to Brian. He’s like my technological opposite. He just has to touch something and it magically starts working again.

When Brian couldn’t get it to work I knew it was really, REALLY bad. And then I got a little panicked, because you know what’s on that hard drive? All my pictures. And, because I’m stupid, that hard drive was the ONLY place I had pictures taken before April of 2009 stored. So: our wedding. Our first house. My pregnancy with Kalena. Kalena’s WHOLE FIRST YEAR.

Brian did manage to find a back up he’d done which included some of Kalena’s baby pictures, but still. I lost a ridiculous number of pictures with that one clumsy move.

This is one of the reasons I want to be better about blogging Lydia’s babyhood. I posted TONS of pictures of Kalena when she was a baby, so at least I still have those. (Note to self: make a blog book before I break my blog and lose all those pictures.) I also, FORTUNATELY, keep scrapbooks. So I do actually have printed copies (in books even!) of about a gazillion pictures of Kalena as a baby. You’d think this would make me feel less sad about losing all the digital copies, but it doesn’t. (Okay, it makes me feel a little better. But not completely.) The little videos of her babbling? Gone. Goofy faces that were fun to look at but not worth printing? Gone. Shots of us together that I didn’t print because I thought they were unflattering of me? Gone. So yeah. I’m sad.

6 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Oh, I feel you. My hard drive crashed, well, hard when Sammy was little (all it did was make this sickening clicking sound), and the pictures of newborn Sammy were trapped there. My dad and I did everything we could, and I even searched out recovery companies, but they wanted multiple thousands of dollars to even try to fix it. Thankfully, my mom had some pictures, but, sigh. It’s not the same. I still have the drive just in case someone wants to fix it for free. (I realize how nuts that is, but I just can’t throw i out.) I’m so glad you have your scrapbooks at least!

  2. Oh! That is not good! (Understatement, I know.)

    When I upgraded my phone in March, I hadn’t bothered to back anything up to the damn Cloud or download them to my computer, and, as a result, I could either wait two hours at Verizon (no) while it backed up or lose them. I walked away, but felt upset all day. Just so many pictures. Like you, I consoled myself that many of them were on the blog but still. Now I use the Cloud. And an external hard drive.

  3. This is so sad. Last year my phone got washed and I lost hundreds of photos I hadn’t uploaded. I still can’t think about it – it’s heartbreaking. Now I have my phone automatically upload to Google+, Dropbox AND I save them to the hard drive. And then I still get an upset tummy when I need to delete them.

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