Daniel and the thyroid stuff

So, Daniel’s been on thyroid meds for…a long time. I’d look it up in my archives, but I’m too lazy. Anyway, we’ve been seeing an endocrinologist here, and she wasn’t convinced that he actually needed the meds and wanted to give him a trial off. I agreed that we could try it. Why have him on daily medication unless he really needs it, right? Anyway, that trial started back in late September. She wanted me to give him a month and then have his blood drawn to see what his numbers looked like off medication. I took him in (finally) about a week ago and they called a couple days later with the results: numbers are normal. I was surprised. A lot surprised. Not just because he’s been on it for so long, but because of how he’s been since he’s been off.

Since we took him off medication he’s been MUCH sleepier. He starts asking to nap sometimes as early as 9 am. On medication it was no trouble to keep him up until the usual 1 pm nap time. He also naps for longer. He’s always been a good napper, but off his medication a 4 or even 5 hour nap is not unusual. That seems like a LOT of sleep. Because he still goes to bed just fine at 7 pm and gets up between 6 and 7 as usual. And obviously he’s sleepier when he’s sick, and I assume adjusting to being off the medication takes some time, but we’re 6 weeks in at this point. So. We have a follow up in January at the endocrinologist (we didn’t actually see her when we did the most recent blood draw.) I’ll definitely be discussing all this, because HMMMM. I don’t know what to do with this.

In the meantime, sad Daniel has an ear infection.


And is skeptical of big sister in his lap.

7 thoughts on “Daniel and the thyroid stuff

  1. Poor buddy with his ear infection.

    And those are some LONG NAPS. Thyroid is so interesting, so it will be interesting to hear what the doctor thinks if his levels are normal, but he still is such a sleepy monkey come January.

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