Family photos

Family pictures! We do them…periodically. Generally at least once a year for Christmas cards. However, we’ve only done them in a studio twice. Once when Will was new (like, 4 days old) and once when Daniel was new (a few weeks.) Other than that we’ve done them at family reunions, because my aunt takes excellent pictures. Evidence from our session this summer:



Or had a local friend take them, because she also takes excellent pictures. Evidence from last year’s Christmas card:


Sadly, she’s no longer a local friend since we moved 😦

So I’m curious: how often do you get professional family pictures? Do you do studio pictures of just your kids? We did that once, way back when Will was about 1. I’m good about taking the individual kids in for regular pictures, but not all the kids together. Thinking about it now I may just be sort of “professional photo phobic” because we didn’t even have a professional photographer at our wedding. (Granted, backyard wedding doesn’t really scream: big money on pictures, but anyway.) Now you tell me!

8 thoughts on “Family photos

  1. The last time we had a formal (i.e. professional photographer) picture taken, it was for out church directory about 3 years ago. Sabrina was 3 and an utter disaster. I’m pretty sure every family that saw us that day said an immediate silent prayer of thanksgiving that they weren’t like us. I am still traumatized. Hence, no formal pictures since.

    • Yikes! We’ve been lucky that all ours have been decent. Although, also QUICK. I don’t think we’ve ever done a session longer than about 20 min. The kids just don’t last that long!

  2. We’ve done professional photographs twice: once when Ezra was 6 months old and then about two years ago. I think I might be good with every other year. There are so many other pictures in the meantime.

    • I always feel like it hasn’t been that long since we took them! I still feel like last year’s Christmas card picture is recent, but we have a whole new person in our family since then.

  3. We have only had professional photography done four times as a family. Two were studio when the kids were babies, which I didn’t end up liking very much. Another time was an outdoor shoot, but the kids were challenging and I didn’t love very many of the photos. Another was a lifestyle session and I adored all of the photos. Otherwise, I am the photographer for our family since I spent time learning how to use my DSLR. We get at least one good photo for the xmas card, and I will do shoots for the holidays for the kids (more for practice for me), otherwise it’s pretty casual. I’m not a big fan pose, stand still, smile photography. I would rather capture who we are as a family.

    • I’d love to take a photography class so I could take better pictures of the kids. In the meantime I just try to take a bunch and hope some are good 🙂 And I love the ones that capture the moment, but there’s also something about studio pictures for me. Maybe that I like looking at those kind of my family growing up? I’m not really sure.

  4. We have never done it. I can probably count the number of photos I have of all five of us on one hand. Terrible, right? It feels like so much pressure though, coordinating outfits and getting the right time of day, etc. I’m sure if I made it a priority I’d find it’s not that big of a deal. The other thing, and it makes me uncomfortable to say it, is that I feel like people that don’t know Pacey have a hard time capturing his essence (for lack of a better word). I’m not a great photographer but I think my pictures are the only ones that really look like him to me. Your photos are adorable!

    • Daniel actually does better on his own in photos, because he’s more likely to look if it’s me or Brian getting him to smile. However! I think because we’ve always had family photos done by someone who knows us, that helps.

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