Growing up we had several Christmas decorations that we put out every year (as I’m sure everyone did) and one of my very favorites was a little scene with a couple snowmen. Well, a snowman and a snow-woman. It wasn’t fancy, or big, or even especially Christmas-y, but I loved it. I remember feeling happy to see it every year when we pulled it out. As an adult I mentioned this to my mom and she gave it to me! So now I have it in my own Christmas stuff and I love it and I feel happy every year when I get it out.

This year when I first saw Christmas decorations at Target I saw these little birds and thought, “How cute! I should get some!” But I didn’t figure I really needed to be spending money on Christmas decorations so I didn’t. Then the next time I was at Target I checked them out again. You know, to see if they were still cute. And yes, still adorable, but again I didn’t buy them because budget, blah blah blah, responsibility, blah blah blah. But TODAY they were on sale and I just couldn’t resist any more. Because, SO CUTE! See? I love them.



What Christmas decorations do you love?

6 thoughts on “Decorative

  1. I buy a new piece or two of decorations every year – nothing too big, but a glass tree here and a felt reindeer there. Christmas decorations make me so happy. This year I bought a green and clear glass tree. I bought two for my dinning table but one was cracked so I am down to one little one.

  2. Holy cow, those are adorable!! I was just having a conversation with my mom about which decorations in our family home growing up gave me that excited feeling. We have a growing collection of Santa Clauses that I love getting out each year. This year I have invented my personal answer to Elf on the Shelf which we don’t do. I bought the Costco Santa that’s holding a chalkboard and I told the kids that if they write a message to the elves at night, they will write back. Sneaky writing practice FTW! 🙂

  3. Those are completely adorable. My current favorite Christmas decoration is the wreath we got from ThinkGeek, decorated with video game symbols. It has flashing lights. I don’t so much love it MYSELF—more that it was such a success with the kids. Like, I knew they’d like it, but I didn’t realize they’d FLIP. So I’m looking forward to putting it up again this year.

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