Thanksgiving stuff

We’re having Thanksgiving with a group of families from church this year. My sisters are hosting most of my immediate family, but they live 11 1/2 hours away soooo, that’s not happening. Anyway, I figured Thanksgiving with a group would be less stressful, right? Less cooking, less prep work, etc. And it WOULD HAVE BEEN less stressful had events gone differently!

Let me back up. I offered to bring stuffing and candied carrots and to make the turkey cookies for the kids to decorate. And then our lovely host sent out an e-mail with a few food gaps that needed filled and I offered to bring apple pie. Last Tuesday I figured I’d bake the cookies and freeze them, make the pie over the weekend and freeze it, then Thursday morning it’d be no problem to do up the stuffing and carrots. Except then I couldn’t find the cookie cutter. I figured that was okay, because I could do the cookies AND the pie over the weekend. Except then I got sick. And spent all weekend in bed. I should have made the cookies today, except I wasn’t in the mood to bake (and we all know that’s what I should be focused on right now, right? Whether or not I’m in the mood to bake?) Anyway, I didn’t. And I have appointments during the middle of the day tomorrow AND Wednesday which leaves me all AAHHHH!! When am I going to make all this stuff?!

Answer: probably tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, I could be doing it RIGHT NOW, but I’m not. Because I’m super smart. Okay, actually it’s because when I’m in the mood to bake it find it relaxing and when I’m not I just get annoyed and when I’m annoyed and baking I do things like burn stuff.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving stuff

  1. That is a lot. I am making sausage stuffing, green beans and bringing wine for Thanksgiving. I’d like to make more, but considering I keep falling asleep rather than ripping up bread to stale, it’s probably good that I’m stopping there.

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