sick baby

Lydia is sick again. Just with a cold but, she’s pretty sure it’s the worst thing ever. We’ve learned what kind of sick kid she is too. All kids have their own way of being sick, you know? Will sleeps all day. Kalena is way more likely to puke than the other kids. Daniel gets pathetic and snuggly. Lydia? is our fever baby. Apparently when she gets sick she runs a fever. And then she won’t sleep. It’s all thrashing and fussing and nothing we’ve tried so far makes it better. I’m really not a fan.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post about things I’m thankful for. Tonight I’d be thankful if this baby would go to bed.

2 thoughts on “sick baby

  1. GAH!!! I feel all the sympathies for you. I just had Archer back at the doc today so our grand total for the week is: one sinus infection, two ear infections, three cases of pinkeye and five cases of stomach flu. So sorry that another one of yours is down. Hope you get all this out of the way now for a healthy Christmas! P.S. Your cookies looked so good on Instagram!

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