Hurry up and wait

Thanksgiving is over and I am SO ready to decorate for Christmas! But we’re not going to decorate the apartment, because we’ll be moving out of it just a few days before Christmas. Technically our lease here isn’t up until the end of January but I’m packing things up here, not getting them out. Plus I don’t want to drag out the move, so even though we could spend Christmas here if we wanted, I’d much rather spend it in our new house. So I’ll wait.

I’m in a weird sort of waiting place with packing too. I’ve packed up almost everything that we’re not using on a daily basis, and I can’t pack the other stuff yet, because HEY! Using it on a daily basis. I did finish sorting through the kids toys today looking for stuff to get rid of. I feel like the kids have too much stuff, but they play with everything they have, so what do I get rid of? Is this just life with 4 kids? I don’t know.

One thought on “Hurry up and wait

  1. That must be such a frustrating limbo! I feel the same way about my kids’ toys. They play with every single thing we own which is great, but SO MANY TOYS. What an adventure to spend Christmas in a brand new home…I bet it will be so special!

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