Made it through

Well, I made it through yet another year of NaBloPoMo managing to post every day. This year I definitely thought about it less than usual and there were a couple nights I almost forgot. I guess I really am busier with 4 kids. Shocking.

Anyway, I think I generally do a “what the kids are getting for Christmas” post, so here goes for this year. Mostly I can sum up Kalena and Will’s gifts in one word: LEGOS. Legos have been a huge hit around here lately and I’m a big fan, so there will be many new lego sets under the tree this year.

Will is especially obsessed with Chima Legos, so he’s getting several of these speeder sets:

chima speedorz

{photo from}

I don’t even know if he’s getting that exact set, but sets like that. I found them at Target for 50% off back in August or something and bought a bunch.

He’s also getting this storage bag to store them all in. (He’s kind of obsessed with the storage bags Brian has for his models, so I’m pretty sure he’s going to love this.)

speedorz bag

{photo from}

Kalena is getting some random Lego sets, because she doesn’t have one specific obsession like Will does. So!

A princess set:

lego jr princess

a Lego Friends set:

lego friends

a Lego Movie set:

lego movie

and a Ninjago set:


{all photos from}

She’s also getting a My Little Pony, and a little learn to stitch set (because she watches me cross stitch and wanted to learn.)

The two of them are getting an Angry Birds Go board game, because the love the app and I came across this on clearance for like $7. Plus they’re each getting an extra car for it as a stocking stuffer.

angry birds go

{photo from}

They’re also each getting a $20 gift card to the Disney store, because I had enough Disney Movie Reward points to get them. How could I say no to free gift cards?!

And because *I* needed it, they’re getting the Research Institute Lego set too.

research institute

{photo from}

In fact, maybe I should just put that under the tree with my name on it.

Daniel, because he loves Elmo, is getting an Elmo stuffed animal, Elmo book, and an Elmo spoon & fork. Plus some bristle blocks. Oh, and because she’s the best, my sister is making him a “basic skills” book- the kind where he can zip a zipper, button a button, put something in a pocket, that sort of stuff.

Lydia needs nothing, but no presents is no fun! She’s getting some stacking cups, a couple soft books, a twisty teething toy, and, because sometimes I’m sentimental, a glow worm. (I had one I loved as a little kid.)

Oh, and all the kids are getting pjs in their stockings. I know lots of people do new Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve, but 1) I’m not a fan of opening gifts before Christmas morning and 2) only Lydia’s are actually Christmas pjs. Kalena’s are My Little Pony, Will’s are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Daniel’s are bears. Anyway, there you have it! I still don’t know which gifts will be from Santa and which ones will be from us. And I may get each of the big kids a book. I usually do (because books are the BEST) but I haven’t yet. Also, I ordered a couple movies from Disney Movie Club recently, and I’ll probably just wrap those up and stick them under the tree too, because why not?

Typing this all out it feels like a lot of stuff. Is it? I didn’t pay full price for any of it (okay, except the Disney movies) but staying in budget doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of gifts. Maybe it just feels like a lot because it’s everything for four kids? I DON’T KNOW. What are your kids getting?



5 thoughts on “Made it through

  1. I’m cutting way back this year and hoping I don’t regret it. Last year we gave each kid four toys and it was too much combined with what they got from family. Plus, Nico’s birthday is six weeks after Christmas and Elliott’s birthday is six weeks after that.

    My plan is to give each kid one nice truck, small stocking things, and a few books each from Santa. We’ll see if I manage to stick to my guns on the one gift thing. Nico (almost five) is getting this Bruder logging truck:
    Elliott (almost two) is getting a handmade wooden log truck made by a local woodworker I know.

    For their stockings, I have little packets of cookies and fuzzy socks for both. I picked up a little Lego snowman kit for Nico and got these Melissa & Doug instruments for Elliott for $5 on Craigslist:

    I’m thinking about getting them each one of the Audubon cheepy birds because Nico has been asking for another one. Elliott would also love his own flashlight.

    I always find way too many books, but will try to restrain myself. Nico is definitely getting The Midnight Library ( and I just ordered the little blue truck Christmas book for Elliott ( I’ll end up getting them each at least one more, and I have some puzzles that might end up under the tree too.

    • It helps me keep stuff to a minimum that we don’t do gifts with cousins/aunts/uncles. Only grandparents! And from my parent’s we’ll probably do a membership somewhere- museum, zoo, something like that.

      There are always so, SO many books I want to get the kids! I could have a whole library’s worth and still want more. And we LOVE the Little Blue Truck. It is Daniel’s very favorite book ever (I have the whole thing memorized.)

  2. I am so super impressed Elsha! Especially when you had the pukes midway through. This doesn’t seem like too much stuff at all. I grew up in a family where we didn’t get much through the year but my parents worked super hard to make Christmas amazing. I cut back on the random purchases through the year in the last couple of years so I can spoil on Christmas and not feel bad about it!

    We do Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve (Gymboree actually had three coordinating versions in all the kids’ sizes, not easy when you have big kids and little kids!), I am doing lots of board games and books and the big kids are each getting a Nerf bow and arrow. Pacey is dyyyyying for a toy gun but I can’t stomach it so bow and arrow it is.

    Aside: I LOVE the Lego Juniors sets. Pacey got some for his birthday and he can follow the instructions with just a little help. It’s so nice for him to be able to do it with the standard sized Legos and feel on par with his peers!

    • I was a big fan of the fact that the Lego Junior set was girly which Kalena DEFINITELY wants without being a Lego Friends set. (Not that I’m anti-Lego Friends, but I do prefer the original Lego people.)

      Let me know how the bow & arrow sets go! My kids have expressed interest but I’ve avoided them so far.

  3. We cut back this year, mostly because I’m tired of picking crap up or stepping on it. Santa is bringing a gift, a gift from mom and dad, and then they usually end up with about 7-8 more gifts from grandparents and cousins combined. Stockings will have toothbrush, toothpaste and a toy or two. Pyper also needs nothing, so she is getting a few packs of diapers. At least she will have something to open. I need to watch the summer sales closer to find legos half off. I did that once and had a great stock pile of great bday gifts for friends.

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