Sleep. Or lack thereof.

Brian had Lydia sleeping through the night and I broke it. I don’t know what I did, but SOMETHING, apparently. See, at the beginning of last week (Sunday, actually) I left on vacation. It was a trip with my mom and my sisters, out to visit some of my mom’s family in California with the main purpose of picking up some boxes of things that my grandmother had left my mom. It was a great trip, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is, Brian was here alone with all the kids and we decided he should do some sleep training with Lydia. We figured it would be easier without me here because a) he can sleep through crying better and b) uh…I’m not sure there was a b.

We’ve never had to do serious sleep training before. We’ve done some bedtime fussing, but the other kids started sleeping through the night on their own, without any intervention from us. (Kalena at 7 months, Will at 10 months, Daniel at like 3 weeks) Lydia, on the other hand, was clearly not headed that way. She HAD slept through the night a handful of times, but always just randomly. And at 13 months old she was still waking and wanting milk usually at least twice a night. So Brian did some cry it out. He tells me there was LOTS of crying the first couple nights, but less the third night, and only when he first put her down, so by the time I came home on Friday, she’d slept through the night three nights in a row.

However, it seems my mere presence was enough to screw up all his work and in the 5 nights I’ve been home there has been quite a bit of crying. Sometimes it’s crying at bedtime, sometimes it’s during the night, never is it any fun. Also, she seems to be transitioning to one nap, except it’s not every day. (Today, for instance, she was exhausted and crying by 8 am. Definitely a 2 nap day.) I’m not sure what to do to fix it, since I’m not even sure what I did to mess it up in the first place! I’m just hoping that she’ll get the hang of sleeping through the night SOON.

8 thoughts on “Sleep. Or lack thereof.

  1. Eleanor is almost 12 months and I still nurse her during the night. I know I need to stop! It’s just so hard – mainly because her crib is in our room. We ran out of space for kids 😉 Much harder to let her cry when she’s right next to you (loud!) and can see you (I know you’re pretending to sleep, mommy. Get up!!)

  2. Obviously she’s more motivated to hang out with you at night than Brian. 😉 I’m trying to remember when Ruby started “sleeping through the night”… no idea. What does that even mean anyway?

  3. Cooper didn’t sleep through the night consistently until almost age 2. Nothing helped. The kids was just super hungry and always growing. The closest things that helped was a sound machine with a night light and loading him up on food right up to bedtime. She just may need more time to get the hang of it! Sleep deprivation is the devil though.

  4. She was so tiny for so long I didn’t mind the wake-ups because I knew she needed to eat! But by a year she’d slept through a handful of random nights, so we knew she COULD, she just wasn’t. (She’d also gone up quite a bit on the growth charts by a year, so I wasn’t worried about needing the calories.)

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