I guess not sleeping wasn’t enough?

Last Sunday (2 days after I got back from my trip) Lydia tried to blind Brian. Okay, maybe she didn’t do it ON PURPOSE, but I wouldn’t put it past her. Brian was holding her and turned to the side talking to Will when she threw her hands back getting ready to clap. Since he wasn’t really paying attention to her, he didn’t do any of the move/shut your eyes/twist your head things you normally do when you see your kid’s fingers coming at your face. So she caught him square in the eye with her thumb. It hurt (OBVIOUSLY) that night, but we rinsed it with eye wash from our first aid kit and made sure there wasn’t anything in it and figured it would be better in the morning. Except in the morning he couldn’t even open it. So, off to urgent care! The doctor there gave him some numbing drops so she could look in it and gave us an official diagnosis of, “BIG ol’ scratch!”

Unfortunately they don’t prescribe the numbing drops (ever, basically) so he just had to deal with the pain once they wore off. Turns out eye pain doesn’t really respond to regular painkillers. Just for extra good times. And it wasn’t just that it hurt to open that eye (he basically couldn’t because it caused both eyes to water so much) it hurt even if he moved it while it was closed. Which meant he pretty much just had to lay still with both eyes closed. FOR TWO DAYS. It was bad y’all. Even when he went back to work on Wednesday people commented on how awful it looked. THREE DAYS LATER. So yeah. That was fun.

In other Lydia news, Brian is trying to re-sleep train her and I am trying not to screw it up. Also, she’s taking steps! I have seen her stand unsupported before now, but I saw her take unassisted steps for the first time yesterday. So maybe one of these days she’ll start walking! Maybe not though. She seems pretty content to just be carried around all the time.

3 thoughts on “I guess not sleeping wasn’t enough?

  1. I love that you’re blogging again! I still haven’t found my mojo but I am trying to be good about at least commenting! ARGGGGHHHH I can’t believe Lydia regressed after all that. Still, maybe it’s correlated with the steps…they do say that sleep regressions can accompany milestones (You: In order to regress you have to PROGRESS!) Archer was my toughest by far but we finally cracked him and everyone sleeps through the night, most nights. It’s coming for you too. Just remember, once SHE is sleeping regularly it will take you time – like months – to catch up on the accumulated sleep loss. Hang in there!!

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