Easter. That was a thing that happened. We dyed eggs! Only the big kids, obviously. I’m not crazy enough to let Daniel near cups of dye. Yes, Kalena was dressed as wonder woman for the whole thing. Because, why not?


Pleased with the finished product.




And we did baskets. As usual, each of the kids got a book (or, in Daniel’s case a set of books- board books about Elmo, OBVIOUSLY.) and candy. For those of you who care, Kalena got “The Country Bunny and the Golden Shoes,” Will got “No Fighting, No Biting,” Daniel got the “Elmo’s World First Flap-Book Library,” and Lydia got “The Napping House” in board book form.




We hid eggs in the back yard but I got zero good pictures of the kids searching. I mean, I only took like 2 anyway, but they weren’t good. Also, for the first time ever, we lost an egg! It all started when we let the kids re-hide the eggs for each other. Seemed like a good idea to keep them occupied, until the egg was gone. Will had hidden them for Kalena and he swore up and down that he’d put it in a particular bush. Except I looked thoroughly and it wasn’t there. Of course, he also swore up and down that there were still TWO eggs missing and no. I counted. Clearly he was not the most reliable source of information. I looked around pretty carefully but no luck. So we gave it up for lost. Except THEN, a week later, Brian mowed the lawn for the first time and we found it! Will had, apparently, put it in a different bush, and it had fallen down into very tall grass on the side of the bush. Mowing cut the grass close enough that I could see the egg. (Thankfully it was off to the side enough that it didn’t get chopped into a hundred pieces by the mower.)

Soooo….that’s our exciting life. Had Easter, lost a hard boiled egg in the yard for a week.

2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I really enjoy the first two sentences of this post. Sounds like our Easter. It happened. Ruby dyed eggs. I did not enjoy that activity because she moved the eggs around so much she mixed all the colors together. The end. Glad to hear you skipped fertilizing your lawn with egg.

    • I’ve been trying to teach the kids the cool egg dying tricks we used- rubber bands for strips! Hold the egg half in one color and half in another! Use the wax crayon to draw an actual design! But so far they like to scribble with the crayon and dye one color.

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