Daniel and doctors

I have no idea when I last updated about Daniel’s health stuff, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it was a long time ago. So! Last summer (ish? Sometime?) Daniel’s endocrinologist asked if I’d be okay doing a trial off his thyroid medication. His numbers had been good, and she wanted to see how he’d do without it. I said sure and we stopped giving it to him. We had a follow up 6 weeks later and his numbers were still good! I was pretty surprised actually. He’d seemed very tired, and not particularly himself. But we continued with the trial and checked in a couple months later and hey! Still good! Also, he had adjusted by that point, so no more thyroid meds! We will still be seeing his endocrinologist, however, since he is not growing much. At all. I’m not particularly worried. People with Down syndrome tend to be small and his appetite is fine. He eats plenty. Anyway, check up on his growth in…some months? I actually got a message yesterday from Children’s saying they were calling to schedule an appointment Daniel had been referred for and I thought, “Hmmmm. I wonder if that’s the one with his endocrinologist, or with the ophthalmologist. Or maybe the ENT wants to see him again? Oh! Or maybe we’re supposed to go back to the Get Up and Grow Clinic.” So yeah. I should probably call back. Also I should probably write stuff down.

We also saw the ophthalmologist again. I only called because they recommend kids with Down syndrome get vision checks every year and hey! He turned three! So it had probably been a year. Anyway, he is still far sighted aaaaaand it’s getting worse. The doctor said she was willing to go either way at this point: either go ahead and write him a prescription for some glasses, or wait six months and see him again. However, she told us to watch his squinting and eye crossing (of which we had been noticing some) and to call and schedule sooner if it got worse. And, well, it’s gotten worse. Or maybe it’s not worse and I’m just noticing it more. Either way, I need to call, because he needs glasses. (Kari will be so thrilled. She’s wanted him to have glasses basically since he was born.) I’m super not looking forward to trying to get him to leave them on. He doesn’t want ANYONE to leave glasses on, and attempts to remove them at every opportunity. So that should be fun.

Also he’s still cute.



5 thoughts on “Daniel and doctors

  1. It makes me feel a little better that I am awful at keeping track of all the appointments also! Not the appointments really, more the referrals and followups. We deal mostly with ortho and they at least call me to schedule so I don’t have to worry about remembering as much! And yes, he is still very cute!

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