Lydia at a year

I should go get the paper from Lydia’s 1 year visit so I could tell you all her stats, but…not happening. She’s grown quite a bit, and isn’t on the bottom of the growth charts anymore, so that’s good. She also continues to follow our tradition of giant-headed children. The nurse measured and said, “Yep! Off the chart.” She isn’t walking yet, although she CAN. I’ve seen her take steps, but mostly she’d rather just get where she wants to go, so crawling it is. And cruising, of course. She also goes up the stairs with no trouble. I don’t know about down, because we always carry her. (Which also probably plays a part in why she isn’t walking.) She does a few signs: milk, more, eat, please, and cracker. The last one makes me laugh, because it’s not a particularly easy or intuitive sign, but she LOVES crackers so when she realized that Daniel doing that sign got him crackers she jumped right on that bandwagon.

She’s in the happy screeching phase, so life is noisy. She definitely doesn’t like being in a dirty diaper (as opposed to Daniel, who cares not at all.) She’s a huge fan of Sesame Street and watches more than she should, I’m sure. Her binky and her bear are her favorite things, and she won’t sleep at all without them. Sleep. We’re still working on sleep. Naps are weird these days, because she’s transitioning? maybe? from 2 naps a day to 1. Totally depends on the day. She loves mealtimes, and will eat almost anything we give her. AND I can give her a whole plate of food and a spoon and she’ll eat it! I mean, she holds her spoon in her right hand and uses her left hand to eat, but WHATEVER. We still have to give Daniel one bite food at a time to keep him from throwing it on the floor.

She also continues to be cute.


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