Y’all. Will turned 5 in December. FIVE. He’s registered for kindergarten! His “readiness” is kind of hilariously unbalanced. For instance, he can count and knows some basic addition, but can’t write anything. Like, ANYTHING. No letters, no numbers, nothing. We’ve been working on it, but he totally doesn’t care, so he’s not particularly motivated to do it. He memorizes like crazy and can spout off facts about many various animals/reptiles/dinosaurs/fish. He knows these facts because he’s obsessed with documentaries. His first choice on Netflix is almost always a nature documentary. We’ve been watching BBC’s Blue Planet while I stitch this week. As a side effect of all the documentaries he has a nice vocabulary for a five year old. He generally picks things up quickly, so I’m not particularly worried about the not writing. (We will work on it over the summer though. I mean, COME ON.) His first choice of books is almost always non-fiction too. (Books for me to read to him, because definitely not reading yet either.) When Kalena brings home book order forms he always picks out several books on reptiles/sea creatures/bugs/dinosaurs that he’d like me to buy.

On non-learning topics, he still loves Legos. He’s recently fallen in love with all the Star Wars sets, but pretty much he wants ever set ever made. (I’ve bribed him with a Lego set to learn to write, but I’m not sure it’s immediate enough for him to focus on.) He hates changing clothes, and by that I mean he always just wants to continue to wear what he’s wearing. FOREVER. If he’s in pajamas he doesn’t want to get dressed. If he’s dressed he wants to sleep in his clothes. Mostly I just let him, and make sure he changes every day or so. I do predict this being a problem come kindergarten time. He still makes me laugh every day. The other day we had this conversation:

Will (humming): mom, do you know what I’m humming?

Me: No, what is it?

Will: I don’t know, I need you to tell me.

He also loves the babies, as evidenced by this terrible photo, which is apparently the most recent picture I have of Will that isn’t from Easter.



He continues to be adorable.

2 thoughts on “William

  1. I’m not sure that I believe you. I’m going to go with 3. Will is 3. Ruby has caught up to him. So funny about the clothes. Ruby is such a girl about clothes (where does she get this???) She pretty much always wants to change into a dress or a skirt and gets just as excited about new clothes as she does toys.

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