My life, some bullet points

I don’t understand how life can be SO CRAZY, yet every time I sit down to blog my mind goes blank. How can I have so much going on and nothing to say? So tonight you’re just going to get some random stuff. About me. Because it’s my blog and I’ll talk about myself if I want to.

  • I’ve decided that this is the year I finally, FINALLY, read the Lord of the Rings books. They’ve been on my (endless & unwritten) “to read” list for, I dunno, probably close to 20 years. I’ve owned them for several years (I don’t even want to think about how long I’ve owned them without reading them. Makes me cringe.) but I just haven’t gotten around to it. But. THIS YEAR! It is happening! I read The Hobbit (which I know is a prequel and is the only one I actually HAVE read before) last week, so I will be starting another one soon.
  • But before I start my next book, I will be finishing Lydia’s stitchery. I finished Daniel’s (FINALLY) just before he turned 3, so his definitely took the longest. I didn’t even *buy* Lydia’s until she was almost 1, and I’m down to just outlining, so hers has taken the least amount of time to do BY FAR. It is quite motivating to see the big blank space on the wall where hers will go. The other 3 are framed and hung, and the arrangement is clearly missing a 4th stitchery. I did discover after Daniel’s was framed that it’s actually bigger than Kalena or Will’s (which I suppose accounts for some of the extra time) but because his is vertical and theirs are horizontal designs, the arrangement still looks really nice. At some point I’ll take a picture. But it makes me SUPER WORRIED that Lydia’s isn’t the same size as Daniel’s and it’ll screw everything up. Yes, I could just take it up there and compare, but if it’s the wrong size I’ll just want to quit forever, so I’m refusing to look until it’s finished and framed.
  • I’m joining weight watchers tomorrow. Again. I mean, I haven’t done it since Lydia was born, but I did it after each of the other kids. It works well for me, and I like it (as much as one can LIKE restricting food consumption to a reasonable amount.) I never commit to anything until I’m getting decent sleep again, because I am incapable of making healthy eating choices when I’m up all night.
  • Related to that last one: *whispers* Lydia is actually sleeping better these days. Don’t say anything.
  • My allergies are INSANE out here. I didn’t even develop seasonal allergies until I was a teenager, but they were never all that bad in Colorado. Here though? MAN. I would say they’re currently the worst they’ve ever been. I take Benadryl every night and Claritin every morning and I’m still sneezy. Skip either one and I can count on a sinus headache.
  • I’d like to get back into doing yoga, but I don’t know WHEN. There isn’t time in the morning unless I want to get up at 5, which A) no I don’t, and B) taking Benadryl in the evenings means I have to drag myself out of bed at 6:30. 5 is laughably early for me to get up willingly right now. But by the time the kids are in bed all I have the energy for is sitting on the couch. That leaves sometime during the day when I’m sure to be interrupted at least a dozen times by various children needing various things. No very conducive to any workout, but seems especially bad for any kind of relaxation/mediation during yoga.
  • I’ve decided 32 is the age at which I actually start taking care of my face. I should probably write a whole post about this, because I want recommendations, but I don’t even know exactly what I need recommendations FOR. So. (Super good at being a grown up, obviously.)

6 thoughts on “My life, some bullet points

  1. You should definitely write about yourself on your blog. That’s kind of the whole point of it. At least mine is… let’s pretend that doesn’t make me self-centered. And while I’m busy not being self-centered – my allergies have been hellacious lately too.

  2. I’m totally with you. If I could somehow magically transcribe my thoughts, I’d blog every day. Something about that blank post template though…everything just disappears. I love hearing about you though! I’m so impressed you’ve done all that stitching, and on limited sleep. I used to LOVE cross stitching but haven’t done it since I was probably 10. Finding time for exercise is still something I haven’t quite managed either. I have an elliptical trainer set up in front of a TV and everything, just…there are SO many other things to do with any spare half hours. One day soon. I bet you have more time/space for it next year with the two oldest (and your talky-talker) in school all day. I assume you will have several mornings a week with just Lydia? I can tell you from experience it’s wonnnnnnnderful! 🙂

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