On Monday Kalena turned 7. Seven years old!

Seems impossible.

She is sweet and helpful and she loves her siblings very much. At least when she’s not fighting with them (WILL.) She loves arts and crafts and would make a giant mess with her art stuff every day if I’d let her. Her last day of first grade is tomorrow, and as much as she loves school she’s excited for summer. Her reading skills have improved immensely this year, and as a result she now happily reads to Daniel and Lydia on a regular basis. (She also reads to herself A LOT, but she’s always liked looking through books on her own, even before she could read them.) She is very opinionated. The girl knows what she likes! She’s a happy girl.


2 thoughts on “Seven!

  1. Seven! How is this possible? Your big girl! Happy belated birthday to her!

    (Also, I can already tell that “she is very opinionated” is a descriptor that I will still be using about Annika when she’s Kalena’s age. They have a lot in common!)

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