Oh sleep. Always with the sleep.

Or maybe NEVER with the sleep is a better title. Back when Lydia was a tiny, reflux-y, non-sleeping infant I comforted myself with the knowledge that it would pass. Eventually she would get bigger and she would outgrow the reflux, and she would sleep. Well. We’ve hit 2 of the 3. At her 18 month appointment her measurements charted in the 90-95th percentile! A far cry from her teensy 5% weight at 1 month (or whenever that was.) And she outgrew the reflux long ago. But sleep? Is still bad.

Some nights she sleeps through. Sometimes even a couple nights in a row. After a couple nights I find myself hoping that finally, FINALLY we’ve hit the sweet spot and she will sleep through the night regularly. So far, that has yet to happen. She’ll have streaks of good sleep, sometimes even a week or 2 of sleeping through every night, but then it gets bad again. I suppose “bad” is relative. Some nights it’s only a quick wake up. Other nights it’s multiple wake-ups or being awake for hours. Sometimes there is a LOT of crying. It’s exhausting.

I don’t know where I was going with this. Apparently I’m just here to complain? (I mean, it’s my blog I’ll do what I want.) Anyway. Maybe if she started sleeping I could manage to post here more than once every six months. Wouldn’t that be nice!

7 thoughts on “Oh sleep. Always with the sleep.

  1. That would be nice. And you should absolutely complain (Why does complaining get such a bad rap anyway?), especially on your own blog. And I’m really excited to come visit!! (That’s unrelated, but whatever.) Ollie really sucks at sleeping too. I know she is much younger so I can’t really compare… I guess I’m just complaining too.

  2. Oh my. I tried to read this without really reading it, lest I jinx myself. I don’t want sleep problems! I will give you hope, though – Paul was just like this and by 18 months we’d practically lost the will to live. But by 22 months it was entirely over. I don’t remember if it got better gradually or just abruptly stopped, I just remember 22 months was when we finally found the Holy Grail of sleep.

  3. Complain all you want. a) it’s your blog and b) sleep deprivation, especially long term is HARD. I had one who woke at night – though she usually went back to sleep after nursing. She started sleeping through the night consistently at about 20 months. And promptly quit naps. Wait… a second. She was a happy non-napper and joined the quiet time routine I had in place for big brother so I survived, but somehow it never seemed quite fair. (She’s 19 now. I don’t know or care if she sleeps through the night anymore…) (all this to say, I feel your pain, please complain!)

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