Happy Halloween!

You know how sometimes you make plans and then nothing goes like you expect? That was me and Halloween this year. It all started with Will wanting to be Luke Skywalker. I thought, “that’s perfect for coordinating costumes!” Daniel and Lydia are too young to care, and Kalena agreed that Princess Leia would be a good costume. I thought maybe Brian & I would dress up too, but Brian is not big on Halloween, so even with BEST THEME EVER he opted out. I didn’t want to dress up if he wasn’t going to, but figured it was still fine- Daniel would be Darth Vader and Lydia would be Yoda.

I’m not a huge fan of the weeklong ordeal that Halloween has become (why so many events?!) but I figured we’d have 3 places the kids would be wearing the costumes:

School on Wednesday, for class parties.

Church pot-luck & trunk-or-treat on Thursday night

Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on Saturday

Here’s how that all went. On Wednesday Kalena decided she didn’t want to be Leia at school, she wanted to wear her pioneer costume (my grandma made me a whole outfit when I dressed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder once.) Which, fine (a little annoying since I wanted her to wear the costume I bought, but whatever.) I was planning to go to the boys’ parties, both of which were in the morning and not Kalena’s since hers was in the afternoon when the other kids usually nap. Instead, I ended up with a migraine Tuesday morning and didn’t go anywhere.

On Thursday Lydia refused to nap, so while Brian took the other 3 kids to the church party I stayed home and put Lydia to bed at 6:30. Party only started at 6. (They had a good time, so I shouldn’t complain.)

And then yesterday there were more nap shenanigans. We got all the kids dressed and ready to go around 6, took some pictures, and then Brian left with the 3 older kids and Lydia was done with her costume. (Daniel only went up and down our street then Brian dropped him off and went back out with the older kids.) So, Lydia wore her Yoda costume for all of like 7 minutes, so we could get a bunch of pictures that look like this:


I need to remember that lowered expectation is the key to happiness.

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