Lydia at 18 months

Yeah, yeah, Lydia actually hit 18 months in August. Whatever. Anyway, her 18 month well check was interesting- she’s jumped WAY up on the growth charts. She’s 33 1/2 inches tall (90%) weighs 27 lbs 3 oz (90-95%) and her head circumference is 19 1/2 inches (>95%.) Continuing the tradition of huge heads. Anyway, if you’ll remember (or possibly I never wrote about it here) at her 2 month appointment she was TEENSY. Like, 5% for weight and height. So yeah. BIG CHANGE.

The pediatrician asked if she’s saying 10 words- No. She uses some signs, but she definitely doesn’t say 10 words. And he asked if we’re limiting pacifier use, which HA! NO. I mean, Lydia has like 3 things that comfort her: Me, her bear, and her binky. So until she’s easier to comfort I’m sure not going to remove any of those things. Also, she doesn’t suck on her binky constantly. Mostly she uses it when she’s sad or tired. (OBVIOUSLY she would not let me take it out of her mouth when I took her to get her 18 month pictures. She was sad AND tired, so I wasn’t surprised, but man she is a pain to get pictures of in a studio. (At her 6 month pictures she cried so much that in the end they put a blanket OVER ME and she sat in my lap for the pictures.))

Anyway. Sleep is still…eh. Getting better I think? Maybe? Hopefully? Surely I’ve guaranteed us a sleepless night with that. We’ve been working on a couple things, sleep-wise. For one thing, she had been going to bed with a sippy of milk and sometimes if she cried in the night we’d give her a cup of milk or water. We’ve stopped both those. It hasn’t stopped night wake ups, but they were bad habits anyway.

Beyond her comfort objects, Lydia has 3 favorite things: A tiny black purse, pictured here:


Cooking utensils, both play utensils and real ones, although the real ones are better, obviously. And last, but not least, diaper cream. Any time she’s in the vicinity of the basket where we keep diapers, wipes, and diaper cream she goes straight for it. Then she carries the tube of cream around as long as you’ll let her.

(She’s already been up once, while I was writing this! Can’t ever say sleep might be getting better!)

It’s a good thing she’s cute.

2 thoughts on “Lydia at 18 months

  1. I’m pretty sure we discussed this on Twitter at the time, but Annika and Lydia were the exact same weight and head circumference, and just half an inch apart in height (Annika was 34″) at 18 months. Chunky babies are the best!

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