Will continues to say the cutest things. Makes me laugh every day. I just want everyone to meet him in person. Anyway, here’s some of the things he amuses us with.

His kindergarten class is small, I think 15 kids, and only 4 of them are boys. Of course, of those 4 boys there are 2 named William. Our Will has recently preferred William, but was okay with either. The other William goes by Will, so our guy opted to go by William at school to avoid confusion. This “avoid confusion” thing has spilled over to home though, so now when you call him Will he’ll say: “um.” The first several times he did this I replied with “Um, what?” and he’d say “WillYUM. So we don’t get confused.” Oh man, this made me laugh. He’s eased up on the correcting, but maybe that’s because we’ve gotten better about calling him William.

He doesn’t bother using the correct names for meals, so he’ll call dinner breakfast, or vice versa. But, if he wants to make sure you know which meal he’s talking about he’ll call it “the first meal that we eat of the day” (breakfast) or “the second meal that we eat of the day” (lunch) or “the last meal that we eat of the day” (dinner, obviously.) Because, somehow this is easier than making an effort to remember that breakfast IS “the first meal that we eat of the day?” I don’t know but it’s amusing.

He likes to be precise, and makes sure everyone else is too. One morning a while back I was letting Brian know the time, and called out, “Hey Brian? It’s 7 o-clock.” And then Will called out, “Actually Brian, it’s 6:58.”

He also like to out-logic us when he can (which worries me since he’s ONLY FIVE.) One day Brian was telling him that he couldn’t play with a certain toy until he learned to take better care of it and Will said, “But dad. There’s one problem with that plan. How am I going to learn to take care of it if I can’t play with it?”

One day a couple months back he came to me very excited and said, “Mom! All words are spelled with alphabet letters! But nothing is spelled with counting letters.” …that’s because counting letters are NUMBERS

He loves to wrestle with Daniel and one day I heard him from the other room say, “I’m a crocodile! And I’ve got Daniel in a death roll!”

In this same vein, one day he was hanging on to Lydia to keep her out of…something. And when he was telling Brian about it later he said, “I was like a honey badger, NO WAIT, I was like a Komodo Dragon, wrestling a king cobra!”

Obviously his love of dinosaurs persists, so when Walking With Dinosaurs Live came to Kansas City, we got a couple tickets and Brian took Will to the show. (Background: Will loves a TV show called “Chased By Dinosaurs” in which time-traveling zoologist Nigel Marven goes back in time to seek out and learn about various dinosaurs.) Anyway, after the live show, Will was telling me all about it and we had this conversation: Will: At the dinosaurs we time travelled! Me: And there was a paleontologist like Nigel Marven, right? Will: MOM. Nigel Marven is NOT a paleontologist.

And, again with the dinosaurs, one day he told me, “Mom! I’m a spinosaurus waiting to ambush my prey! …mom? What does ambush mean?”

One day he gave Brian a sticker and said, “Dad, I want you to have this heart sticker so you can remember you love me while you’re at work.” You know, because otherwise Brian might forget.

Anyway. Funny kid. We like him.


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