Well, took me a whopping seven days to open up wordpress and feel like I have NOTHING to write about. Okay, that’s not even true though. For one thing, I forgot a favorite Will-ism! When he opens the baby gate so the babies can get out he yells, “Release the kraken!” Makes me laugh every time.

I ALSO need to write about Laura visiting (short version: it was excellent) but I don’t want to deal with picture uploading right now and that definitely needs to happen for this post. (Picture uploading is super slow and I’m not sure if that’s my computer, which is old, or wordpress, which sometimes is cranky. Either way, not happening tonight.)

I mostly think feeling like I have nothing to write about is just a continuation of my mood today. No motivation, no desire to do anything, just general tiredness. (Possibly I’m getting the cold that ALL the kids have.) So…this is all you get today.

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