Breakfast candy

The Royals won the world series! You probably knew this. BUT, as a result, many school districts around here cancelled school for the celebration/parade. This included our district, so we ended up with a random day off. Since no school means we don’t have to get up so early I told the kids the night before that they were welcome to watch Netflix when they woke up, and that they could also have a couple pieces of their Halloween candy and they didn’t need to wake us up. Obviously they loved this idea and it had the desired result- Brian and I got to sleep later than 6:30.

Fast forward to the next morning, when, after a terrible night of sleep, Lydia got up for the day just before 5 am. I got up with her and took her downstairs where I discovered Will and Kalena, already awake and watching Netflix, surrounded by candy wrappers. Apparently I needed to specify that this wasn’t the new daily routine. 4:30! They got up at 4:30 in the morning to watch TV and eat candy. Totally killing it at this parenting thing.

9 thoughts on “Breakfast candy

  1. Haaaaaa i’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but AHAHAHA. Also, I still can’t believe they canceled school to celebrate the World Series win. Just what working parents and parents whose kids rely on school breakfasts and lunches need!

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