I love Christmas tree ornaments. LOVE them. Growing up my grandparents sent us an ornament every year and yes, I loved it. Now my mom has started the same tradition with my kids and it’s basically the BEST THING EVER. My parents are visiting this week so my mom and I went shopping tonight for this year’s ornaments. And I know you are DYING TO SEE what we picked so you’re in luck!

Darth Vader in a Santa hat for Will, tiny Alice in a bottle with a tag that says “Drink Me” for Kalena, adorable mouse sleeping in a cookie cutter for Lydia, and OF COURSE, Elmo for Daniel. (Side note: when Brian saw Lydia’s he said, “You got the wrong one, this one is sleeping” in case you were wondering how sleep is going over here 😂)

My love of ornaments is the reason we’ll never have one of those lovely, color-coordinated Christmas trees. I need my mishmash of favorite stuff. Also, pretty soon I’m going to have to talk Brian into getting a bigger tree, so I have room for them all.

8 thoughts on “Ornamented

  1. My mom has gotten me a Gone With the Wind ornament every year since…maybe middle school? It’s my favorite!

    She’s started the ornament tradition with Jake and the boys too. I love it!

  2. I am laughing at Brian’s comment. But… in sympathy! I love the new ornament every year plan. I also looove the special one-of-a-kind ornaments. We’ve let Callum and Annika pick some out and they really do treasure them. This year we’ll be adding a school bus ornament to our tree, their joint selection. Oh well.

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