YOU GUYS. I forgot to blog yesterday. 8 years in and I ruined my streak. I remembered when I was laying in bed at 4:30 this morning after getting up with Lydia. No excuse, no reason, just totally forgot. I mean, I’ll go ahead and blame the kids. I think having 4 children has turned my brain completely to mush. I can’t remember anything without setting a reminder these days. (Which is bad, since I always used to juggle it all in my head and sometimes I still think I can do that. Spoiler: NO I CAN’T.)

In other news, I still have what appears to be the longest lasting cold ever. (Well, I guess 3 of the kids got over it quickly, so maybe not.) Daniel still has it too, runny nose and coughing in his sleep, and now Brian has it. Maybe we’ll all get over it in time for Thanksgiving next week? Let’s hope so.

3 thoughts on “Missed

  1. I think you could blog twice one day and call it good. Also, yoga pants should count but get a pair you can wear as leggings (This comment is mostly for me.).

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