Slogging through

You know that feeling when the business of the day is over and you’re finally getting ready to settle in for some Netflix and downtime? (Or whatever it is you do.) And juuuuust as you’re getting settled you remember that you have something you have to do? And it can’t wait? WELCOME TO MY NIGHT. (Not blogging. That’s part of my down time. Stuff that has to get done before church tomorrow.)

This day has been exhausting. So! Many! Errands! I’m trying to make sure I have everything I need for Thanksgiving, and everything I need to get the Christmas decorations up. Last year we put up the Christmas tree and discovered we only have about 3 strands of lights that work. And you know what? 3 strands is not enough. 3 strands is what needs to go on the tree after you think there are ALREADY enough lights. Side note: how is it that you can put away Christmas lights that worked JUST FINE ALL SEASON and get them out the following year to find out they don’t turn on at all? WHAT IS THAT?!

To add to the fun, this lingering cold caused a headache today that just won’t quit. So early bedtime for me and fingers crossed for some relaxation tomorrow!

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