Not my favorite phase

Listen, toddlers are adorable for sure, but 18 months to about 2 1/2? Not my favorite phase. Much tantruming and inability to communicate means much frustration. Mostly on my part. For instance: Lydia still doesn’t talk at all (and mostly refuses to use signs even though I KNOW SHE KNOWS THEM) and instead expresses herself by hitting me in the face. She does it when she’s mad, which is understandable, but also when she’s happy, because she thinks it’s FUNNY. It really drives me insane. And then, of course, she gets super unhappy that I won’t just LET her hit me in the face.  

 So. Yeah. Ready for this to be done.

2 thoughts on “Not my favorite phase

  1. It’s better than hitting, for sure, but Eleanor screeeeeeches all day long. It’s like there’s a baby pterodactyl in the house.

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