Not at all suspicious

Some back story: we have a desktop computer that hasn’t been set up since we moved to Kansas. It’s Brian’s and in the past he’s used it for gaming, or in college for programming on, but each of us has a MacBook that we use as our primary computer. However! Recently Kalena has started needing a computer for homework sometimes (plus she likes to play the math & reading games on her school’s website) and Brian thought it’d be good to set up this desktop as a family computer. So yesterday he did (it took some doing- he needed to run some cables and clean it all out with canned air and get Windows put back on it because he’s always just run Linux (and if his current muttering over there is any indication he’s regretting the Windows choice.)) It’s set up in our room, where all the pieces have been sitting for months, but now it works! 

Fast forward to nap time today. Will naps in our room, because he and Daniel won’t go to sleep if they’re in the same room (for some reason this problem is limited to nap time. Bedtime is fine.) A few minutes after I sent Will to nap I had to run in to get something. While I was there we had this conversation: 

Will: Look that way!

Me: *turns expectantly wondering what he wants me to see* …what am I looking at?

Will: Aren’t you going to leave?

Me: *eyes narrow* Why, what are you doing?

Will: I’m just laying here.

Me: Yes, but what do you not want me to see?

Will: *quiet voice* I…accidentally turned on that computer. 

YOU GUYS! He moved the mouse, which he probably does EVERY DAY, but this time it actually DID SOMETHING and he was so worried he was going to get in trouble. 

I laughed because a: that’s funny and b: could he have been ANY more obvious that he’d done something he didn’t want to know?

Better work on the deception skills, William. 😉

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