So, remember back when I said that Lydia wasn’t saying any words at her 18 month well check and I told the pediatrician I wasn’t worried about it? Right. Well, I wasn’t. But I’ve been watching her carefully since then, waiting for a language explosion and…nothing. She’ll be 2 years old in just over a month and she currently says “no” and “bye.” That’s it. I know that’s behind. Like, a LOT behind. I remember at Kalena’s 2 year appointment they wanted her to be saying 50 words, and I was worried that she wasn’t, but by the time I counted it was something like 60. (And then a couple weeks later she started saying a ton more.) Point being, I thought she wasn’t saying much, but it was way more than TWO WORDS.

All this to say I called Early Intervention a couple weeks ago. Lydia’s evaluation is tomorrow. I don’t actually know what she needs to qualify for services. In Colorado a 40% delay qualifies you, but I’m not sure if it varies state to state. Also not sure how they measure a 40% speech delay. Anyway! I’m sure it will be helpful, no matter what. I’ll let you know how it goes.

P.S. Both the main coordinator and the family services coordinator remembered me and asked about Daniel. Because who can forget that kid?

4 thoughts on “Evaluate

  1. I’d be very interested in hearing how this goes. Emily’s 2 months from turning two and says 5 or 6 words. Like you, I keep waiting for a language explosion and… Nothing yet. I hope Lydia’s evaluation goes well!

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