And just like that

Lydia turned 2. In February. (Super on top of things over here. Add to the list: haven’t taken her to get her 2 year pictures yet, or gotten a copy of her BIRTH CERTIFICATE.) Anyway, we didn’t do much. Krispy Kremes for breakfast, a couple gifts, some cake. It feels like a big milestone for ME though, because this is the first time we’ve had a kid turn 2 and not already had another baby, or at least one imminently on the way. At this point we have no plans for any more. It’s a new place.

Lydia is hellbent on making sure she’s the last child anyway. She continues to wake in the night, not every night, but multiple times a week. She screams, A LOT. Mostly at me. She still isn’t talking, although speech therapy is definitely increasing her efforts toward words.

She is also adorable, of course. If I ask her for kisses she’ll present her bear for me to kiss. She is a tiny hoarder; she collects random items any time I go to pick her up. Toys go on her tray at meals, she want everything in her crib at bedtime, and getting her to leave the house without both hands full is an impossibility. She has a knack for knowing what is a lovey. I have no idea how she does this, but in a room full of stuffed animals, she can always manage to pick up whichever one is somebody’s lovey. This can be a problem since she doesn’t want to give them up, EVER. (Will has had to wrestle Buster Bear away from her on more than one occasion.) She decided she needed both her lovey and Will’s for her 2 year well visit this week. And Mardi Gras beads, of course. I’d tell you her measurements but they didn’t give them to me! Apparently her pediatrician’s office is switching to entirely electronic, so no more paper with all the info after the visit. She weighs something like 30 lbs, and her height is around the 60th percentile.

Lydia 2 year

She is still very much a mama’s girl. Brian is all the other kids’ favorite. We joke that the 3 of them take less effort combined than she takes by herself. But she’s my girl.

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