Talking and other pesky things

I’m just going to complain a little bit today.

Lydia? Still not talking. We started speech therapy weekly, but she still isn’t talking. She plays during therapy and sometimes imitates sounds, but she’s still only saying maybe half a dozen words. And I KNOW it’s not instantaneous. I KNOW therapy takes time and work but UGH. I just want her to start talking already. Also, she has developed a habit of ending therapy sessions with a GIANT tantrum (usually because we won’t let her type on the tablet her therapist uses to write up notes.) She is FAR more tantrum-prone than any of our other kids. The therapist has been reassuring about how I respond. (Ignore. Don’t give in. Remove her from the situation if it gets bad.) Still not fun. She tends to be very quiet during therapy, opting to play by herself rather than engage in whatever we’re trying to get her to engage in. Basically the opposite of her usual MUST BE ATTACHED TO MOM AT ALL TIMES. That’s been frustrating too. We’re still trying to figure out the best way to get her to engage.

And Daniel. Oh, Daniel. He’s started refusing to nap, opting instead to scream from his crib for as long as he’s in there. This leads to cranky overtired Daniel, and by dinner time he’s a mess. I know I can’t MAKE him nap, but good gracious. He still definitely needs the sleep. Also? The eating of non-foods is getting out of hand. Eating crayons at school has been ongoing, and I assume a sensory thing. But the weather has been nice which means playing outside and he has started eating dirt by the handful. Taste is not a deterrent. He literally picks up dirt clumps and EATS THEM. I guess this is a sensory thing too? But GAH. How do I get him to stop?! I discussed with Lydia’s speech therapist today possible substitutes to give the same oral sensory input as crayons or dirt. (DIRT!) If it doesn’t stop I think I’ll have to call the Down syndrome clinic for a consult with the child psychologist. In the meantime it’s super obnoxious. Also messy.

In summary: good thing these kids are cute.


2 thoughts on “Talking and other pesky things

  1. Ugh. Sorry things are frustrating right now. Annika is also in the process of giving up her nap (she isn’t even two and a half yet! What gives!) and GAH.

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