Always with the dirt

One of the things we love about this house is the yard. We back up (sort of) to a cul-de-sac, which makes our yard an odd shape, but bigger than other yards in the neighborhood. So we have a nice, fenced, grassy, open backyard for the kids to play in. Except you know where they play? Under our deck, in the dirt. Obviously.


That’s where Daniel gets all his dirt for snacking on.

I’d love to put a swing set out there, but A) dude. Those things cost way more than I expected. and B) Brian worries that the kids would hurt themselves. (Mostly Daniel I think. He’s not so good with the danger-awareness.) It makes me laugh though, because Brian did CRAZY stuff as a kid. For instance: jumped off the roof of his house using a plastic bag as a parachute. His logic was that it worked for those little army-parachute guys. Those crazy choices are also the reason for his worry though. He says he worries because he knows ALL THE BAD IDEAS kids get. I tend not to worry about that stuff, likely because I was a total rule follower and would NEVER have done something like jump off the roof. Anyway. Maybe at some point. For now I’ll just make sure they have some good dirt digging toys.

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