Sick of this

I’m so sick of being sick. About a month ago I got a cold (kids and their germs, man.) And about 2 days into that cold my ear wouldn’t pop. It continued to not pop for about a week. Even when it did, briefly, my ear felt wonky and I still couldn’t hear well. I got over the first cold, but after being well for about two days I caught another cold (SERIOUSLY WITH THE GERMS, CHILDREN.)

I had the pediatrician look at it when I went in for Daniel’s well visit, to make sure it wasn’t infected, because it had been TOO LONG. He said there was definitely fluid in it, but it wasn’t infected and to give it a week. That was Monday, so on Saturday I went to a clinic and found that YES, by this point it was infected. A prescription for antibiotics and stern instructions to take Sudafed religiously for the next 10 days and DONE.

Now. Logically I KNOW that antibiotics don’t work instantaneously. And my ear has had fluid in it for probably almost a month. But UGH, I keep thinking I’ll be completely better any second now! (Spoiler: not so far.) Anyway. I promise not to take my excellent hearing for granted in the future. Not being able to hear is driving me crazy.

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