Road tripping

Back at the beginning of June I took all 4 kids and we went to hang out with some friends in Illinois. And I was going to write about it right after we got back, except within hours of our arrival home we got hit with a stomach bug which felled us one by one over the course of two weeks. (It was a LONG TWO WEEKS.)

Anyway, we started out first thing in the morning, and Kalena and Will were SO EXCITED to leave that they got in the car before we’d even finished loading it. I told them to hop back out so they could go to the bathroom before we left, and as they did I noticed that Will didn’t have any shoes on. I said, “Will! You have to wear shoes! Go get your shoes on and go to the bathroom before you get back in the car.” I thought what a good thing it was that I’d made them get out, because GAH. You have to have shoes! (You see where this is going right?)

About an hour in (to a 6 hour drive) Kalena asked if she could take her shoes off. I said sure, and that I was surprised she hadn’t taken them off already. And then Will said, “I don’t have to take my shoes off, because I already wasn’t wearing any!” I said, “What do you mean you weren’t wearing any??” And he responded that he hadn’t been able to find them when he went back in the house. Y’all. There was a lot of yelling. And much internal swearing. And then there was a 40 min detour to the nearest walmart to buy him some flip flops. I wouldn’t have even bothered (since we were staying at a friend’s house) but I KNEW we were going to have to stop and get out on the way there! 4 hours maybe we could have managed, but 6? Nope. (He literally only wore them for our road trip stops. When we were packing up to leave he couldn’t find his shoes (SURPRISE SURPRISE) and I discovered they were STILL IN THE CAR.)

So. Fun trip, but next time I’ll remember to CHECK WILL’S FEET.

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