November. Or, the only time I blog now

Ah November. Time for NaBloPoMo in the blogging world. (Unless they cancelled it. I wouldn’t know since all I do with my blog is neglect it.) Anyway! I had big plans to write every day this month, or HAVE big plans I guess, but I forgot until after I got ready for bed today, so things are not starting off super great. I’ll blame Daniel and his new, recently acquired levels of destructiveness for the loss of my sanity (and you know, forgetting to blog until 10:15 pm.) 

So! Upcoming this month:

Daniel and all the milestones he is hitting

Lydia and all the milestones she is NOT hitting

More of my Pinterest mistakes, because I never learn

Probably some cop-out posts (THIS ONE!)

Definitely some complaining

I know you all can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “November. Or, the only time I blog now

  1. They didn’t cancel! But it’s being handled by someone new and it’s looking like it will be a little different this month. It’s confused a bunch of us!

    I can’t wait to read – cop outs and all! I have a few of those planned already 😂

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