Lydia, still with the not talking or sleeping

I was going to write about Daniel first, but there is sooooo much to say & I’m on my phone. I’m going to need a real keyboard for his shenanigans. So today you get to hear about Lydia. She’s been doing speech about once a week since January, and she IS making progress, but it’s slow. Slow because she is stubborn as a mule. She CAN talk, she just WON’T. Still. 

She can imitate words (when she feels like it) and all the sounds are there. She can say whole sentences “where did it go?” “Oh! What is that?” But again, only when she feels like it. And almost all her speech is imitating, not spontaneous. Anyway. The point is she is still FAR behind what is developmentally appropriate and she will be 3 in 4 months (😳 HOW) so that means it’s time to transition to preschool! She’ll be in the same program as Daniel and I’m very excited, because I love them. (Before the speech stuff started, I wanted to apply to see if she could be a peer model.) So YAY! Likely she’ll start sometime in January. I really think being around kids her age who talk will do the trick. 

Sleep. Yeah, she still doesn’t like it. It’s okay sometimes. It’s crap a lot. She’s awake right now, even though she is exhausted from being awake from 11 to 2 am. But you know, at least it was happy times! 

P.S. In the time I was typing this, Daniel escaped his bedroom like a dozen times. Childproof door locks get here tomorrow!! 

One thought on “Lydia, still with the not talking or sleeping

  1. Why must toddlers hate sleep? Sleep is AMAZING. After much hemming and hawing on my part, we tried melatonin and it has been magical. My kid finally goes to sleep at a decent time. I am in awe of all this TIME I suddenly have between the hours of eight and eleven that used to be taken up by trying to get her to sleep!

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