Election Day

When I was in 5th grade, we had a discussion in social studies about the possibility of a woman becoming president. As a class we agreed that it would definitely happen someday. We agreed that certainly it would happen in our lifetime. I distinctly remember feeling SO SURE. Why wouldn’t it happen? OF COURSE a woman could be president.

That was 23 years ago. As I got older, I understood the naiveté of that confidence.

I don’t want a discussion here. Assume that I am a rational, intelligent, THINKING PERSON and that I considered carefully who I would vote for. But also know that all politics aside, it felt pretty awesome to vote for the first woman to run for president.

Today, I’m with her.






(Let’s just skim right over the fact that I missed blogging yesterday because somebody (LYDIA) wouldn’t sleep so I spent all evening trying to comfort her.)


One thought on “Election Day

  1. I was so conflicted this year. She wasn’t who I wanted to vote for, but I did in the end and it was pretty cool I had the chance to vote for a woman. History was made yesterday, even if the outcome wasn’t what everyone wanted 🙂

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