Sick day

Daniel woke up crying this morning, which is very unusual for him. He was comforted by some cuddling, but then at breakfast he refused to eat anything. He stared at me like this all through the meal.

Is that the saddest face you’ve ever seen? So pathetic. I knew before the end of breakfast that he would not be going to school today. Brian got him set up with a movie after it was clear he really wasn’t going to eat anything, and by the time I came down to check on him he was sleeping. Then he proceeded to sleep aaaaallll day long. (Pretty typical for him when he’s sick.) 

He woke up around dinner time, and perked up (happiest I’d seen him all day!) when my friend stopped by with some fresh bread that she knows he loves. Sat up and said/signed “bread? Bread?” and gave Kalena some side-eye when she took it too the kitchen. 

He did eat some dinner, but he was back in bed with no complaints by 6:30. And while I certainly don’t want to feel as bad as he clearly did, I think I could use a day like that. 

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